Destinul nu este ceva aflat in afara noastra. Il construim zi de zi, pas cu pas. Mai veseli, mai tristi…

Compozitie pe fundal A4, cu liner negru si carioci. Fundalul a fost finalizat in Photoshop.


Destiny isn’t something outside of our person. We build it day by day, step by step. Cheerful or sad.

Composition on A4 paper, with black liner and colors. Background was made using Photoshop.



Compozitie pe coala A4, la care am folosit mixed media dar si putin Photoshop pentru fundal. La inceput ii lasasem chipul sa se vada, apoi m-am razgandit pentru ca acoperit, o face mai misterioasa. De asemenea m-am inspirat din manga, arta japoneza fiind o sursa buna de unde se pot invata multe.


Mixed media and also some Photoshop for the background. At first she had a face, but then I decided she looks more mysterious without it. Also manga inspired, Japanese art always has something you can learn from. Composition on A4 paper.